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How is the packing tape used?

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Today we come to the package with the use of this aspect to explain in detail. Packaged with three kinds of usage, respectively, hand and semi-automatic machines with fully automatic machines used.
   Hand with a package with the correct use: 1, will be packaged with the right end of the bend, insert the packing buckle, and then the right side of the fixed rod into the packing belt tension. 2, left hand wrapped with a wrapping around the packaging, will be packaged with the left end of the package into the packing buckle, the right fixed rod into the packing belt. 3, the right hand fixed packing buckle, left hand holding down the package with the left side of the pack buckle can be tight. 4, the last holding scissors will be packaged with cut.
     Semi-automatic machine packing belt with the correct use of the method: the packaged items on the machine above, and then pack the tape around the items inserted into the machine, it will automatically crack. Need to repeatedly use this method repeatedly packaged.
   Automatic machine packing belt with the correct use of the method: This package is the most simple and safe and effective. Place the item on the packer and press the button to package it. Need to pack several times, on the repeated use of this method.
    The above is our Pacific packing belt for different packers with different methods, if in doubt please consult the customer, we will ask you any questions are answered.
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