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What are the components of the packaged production unit?

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The drum unit is composed of 12 parts, consisting of extruder screw, die, water tank, PP billet traction, oven, drawing, corona processor, ink oven, embossed turbine, back oven With the device, such as winding machine.
    Extruder screw: 38CrMoAL finishing nitriding treatment, good wear resistance, after a special design, the use of exhaust technology, plastic good, high yield advantages. The main raw material to PP back to the material, the main new materials, in the production process without drying and fry mixing, saving energy consumption, while reducing labor costs.
   PP billet traction: packing belt production equipment using three stick wheel frequency control, effectively improve the PP blank plate flatness.
   Oven: the use of dual-combination heating oven, the PP belt in the oven to stretch; to improve the extension magnification, increased tensile strength.
   Embossing turbine: the use of turbine structure design, high precision, clear pattern, low noise, long life, easy operation and so on.
Corona processor: Packed with the production unit due to the PP surface with smooth ink is not easy to attach, need corona treatment to improve the PP surface with ink adhesion. After corona treatment after printing ink, the font is clear, the ink is not easy to fall.
   Stretch: the use of frequency control five sticks wheel pull pull, effectively solve the PP belt in the production process of fatigue strength. Packed with a production unit to make PP with a more vertical flat.
  Winding machine: the use of a unique process design, easy operation, in the winding machine width 6mm ~ 9mm with a passive pressure roller, effectively solve the winding finished flat and side of the flat surface; winding tension stability, improve the PP belt Vertical and other advantages.
 Above is the Pacific brand packaging with the characteristics of production units, our company specializing in the production of packaging and production equipment, specializing in three decades. The equipment and production principles to master thoroughly. The company practitioners for so many years, access to a variety of packaged with patents, such as three-color packaged with the production equipment is also well received by the industry praise. For more information about packing belt or equipment, please contact customer service.
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