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How to identify the quality of color packing tape Published:2021-8-5 Clicks:536444

Now the packaging belt has been colorful, like colored packing belt, red, yellow, blue, white and other purposes is to make the mark easy to identify, many people think that this is the color of the film, in fact, the color is glue Colour.
With the development of society, the progress of science and technology, the production technology of various industries are more and more mature, take the package to bring that more and more types, machine, hand, steel, Material, transparent, color, etc. to meet the needs of different packaging. The color of the whole package does not contain the color of the whole package, and the color is packed with a very strong concealment, there is no color superposition of the situation, doping the color of the packaging belt to the color Coated on the film, only the use of the way on the glue, so there will often encounter due to packing a large magazine particles did not completely dissolve the emergence of card knife situation.

How to choose winding machine Published:2021-6-7 Clicks:561812

The winding machine can be divided into two types: resistance drawing and pre drawing

1. Pre stretching winding machine: it refers to winding the winding film according to the preset "stretching ratio" through the pre stretching film frame mechanism

On pallets. It has the advantages of uniform film spreading, beautiful packaging, strong adaptability (super light and super high goods can be used), and the same conditions

It can save 30-50% of consumables compared with the "resistance drawing" type.

2. Resistance drawing winding machine: it is to adjust the friction damping of resistance drawing mechanism so that the speed of winding film when it is pulled out passively is slower than that of pallet goods

The speed of the object rotation, and then the winding film is pulled apart at the same time wrapped on the goods. Because the damping can be adjusted to "zero", so any product

However, for lighter and higher goods, stable packaging cannot be achieved, and the consumption of film is high.

According to the application fields of winding packaging equipment and different packaging methods for goods, it can be divided into seven series and various extended specifications

1. Pallet winding machine:

It refers to the equipment that drives the pallet goods to rotate by rotating the turntable, so as to realize the wrapping of goods. It is suitable for packing goods with pallets

It is widely used in glass products, hardware tools, electronics and electrical appliances

Papermaking, ceramics, chemical industry, food, beverage, building materials and other industries. It can improve the logistics efficiency and reduce the loss in the process of shipment. It is dust-proof

It has the advantages of moisture-proof, low packaging cost and so on.

2. Cantilever winding machine:

It refers to the equipment that can wrap the goods by rotating the cantilever around the goods. All T series can be packed

The R-Series equipment can be used to wrap the goods. In addition, the packaging method of revolving around the goods is more suitable for lighter, higher and unstable products or products after palletizing

Packing of overweight goods. The machine can be installed on the wall or fixed by bracket; And it can be connected with the conveyor line according to the needs

Connected, adapt to the needs of assembly line operation.

3. Ring winding machine:

It refers to the equipment that wrap the ring part of the ring goods through the film (belt) feeding device running around the circular track. application

In tire, bearing, strip steel, copper, cable and other industries. It can improve the efficiency of packaging, and has the advantages of dust-proof, moisture-proof and reducing the cost of packaging.

4. Cylindrical axial winding machine:

It means that when the rotary table drives the cylindrical goods to rotate as a whole, two power idlers on the rotary table drive the cylindrical goods to rotate,

And then realize the equipment of full closed winding and wrapping of goods. Suitable for all kinds of cylindrical goods sealed packaging, used in papermaking, cord fabric, non-woven

Cloth and other industries. It can improve the logistics efficiency, reduce the loss in the process of shipment, and has good dust and moisture isolation.

5. Cylindrical radial winding machine:

It is a kind of packaging equipment which can wrap the radial cylinder surface by two power idlers on the turntable to drive the drum like goods to rotate.

It is suitable for spiral wrapping on the round surface of drum like objects, and used in papermaking, cord fabric, non-woven fabric and other industries. It can improve the efficiency of logistics and reduce the cost

In the process of shipping, it has the advantages of dust-proof, moisture-proof, reducing the cost of packaging and so on.

6. Horizontal winding machine:

It means that the revolving arm system rotates around the goods moving forward at a horizontal and uniform speed, and at the same time, the stretching force of the packaging material is adjusted by the stretching mechanism,

It is a kind of equipment that packages the object into a fixed whole and forms a spiral regular package on the surface of the object. It is used in plastic profile, aluminum, plate and tube

It is widely used in many industries, such as textile, dyeing and so on. It can improve the efficiency of packaging, reduce the loss in the process of shipping, and has the advantages of dust-proof, moisture-proof, and reduce the cost of packaging

7. No tray winding machine:

It refers to the equipment that drives the goods to rotate by rotating the turntable, so as to realize the winding and wrapping of goods. It is suitable for single or multiple small size goods

packing. It is used in clothing, electrical appliances, chemical fiber and other industries. It can improve the efficiency of packaging, reduce the loss in the process of shipping, and has the advantages of dust-proof, moisture-proof, high efficiency

Reduce the cost of paper packaging and other advantages.

How is the packing tape used? Published:2021-5-23 Clicks:555830

Today we come to the package with the use of this aspect to explain in detail. Packaged with three kinds of usage, respectively, hand and semi-automatic machines with fully automatic machines used.
   Hand with a package with the correct use: 1, will be packaged with the right end of the bend, insert the packing buckle, and then the right side of the fixed rod into the packing belt tension. 2, left hand wrapped with a wrapping around the packaging, will be packaged with the left end of the package into the packing buckle, the right fixed rod into the packing belt. 3, the right hand fixed packing buckle, left hand holding down the package with the left side of the pack buckle can be tight. 4, the last holding scissors will be packaged with cut.
     Semi-automatic machine packing belt with the correct use of the method: the packaged items on the machine above, and then pack the tape around the items inserted into the machine, it will automatically crack. Need to repeatedly use this method repeatedly packaged.
   Automatic machine packing belt with the correct use of the method: This package is the most simple and safe and effective. Place the item on the packer and press the button to package it. Need to pack several times, on the repeated use of this method.
    The above is our Pacific packing belt for different packers with different methods, if in doubt please consult the customer, we will ask you any questions are answered.

Why can pet plastic packing belt replace traditional packing belt Published:2021-5-12 Clicks:558908

Polyester plastic steel belt has high strength and strong tensile property. It has the same tensile property as the plastic steel belt of the same specification. It has impact toughness during storage or transportation, which can ensure product safety. Polyester tape has three advantages: high strength, high toughness and high efficiency. As a new type of environmental protection packaging belt, pet plastic packaging belt has replaced the traditional steel belt in many industries. So why can pet plastic packing belt replace traditional packing belt?

PET plastic packing belt

1. Most of the traditional packing belts are made of metal, which is easy to rust, and the service life is very short. Pet packing belt overcomes this defect to a certain extent, and has good corrosion resistance, which can protect the products that need to be packed.

2. Pet packing belt has strong temperature resistance and flexibility, which will play a good role in fixing the product, so as to avoid the threat of various situations to the product.

3. Of course, we also need to know that pet packing belt will not pose a threat to people's safety like iron packing belt, which is very important. The safety factor of PET plastic packaging belt is much higher than that of steel belt, and it is light in weight and convenient in packaging operation.

The flexibility of PET plastic packing belt is very good, which can prevent the breakage of packing belt caused by long-distance transportation and ensure the safety of transportation process. It has strong impact resistance and ductility, which can ensure the safety of goods to a great extent. Want to know more about pet plastic packing belt, you can pay more attention to us!

Identification standard and production process of PP packing belt Published:2021-4-20 Clicks:545182

Packing belt production line manufacturers use polypropylene through heating, melting, stretching and cooling to produce network structure packaging materials. The basic parameters affecting the quality of packing belt production line are tensile force, length, bending, elongation, etc. The longer the length, the lower the cost.

There are the following standards to judge the quality of PP baler belt:

1. PP baler with general white (other colors to bright) quality is better, because these are not easy to mix with old materials.

2. Some baler belt outside is brand new material, the middle clip filling material (extremely poor), as long as cut open to see the section, you can see that the black core inside is poor quality.

3. Baler belt to have gloss, such a baler belt is generally full material production. The tension is stable. If the baler is mixed with powder, the gloss will be greatly reduced.

4. The width error of the baler belt is generally plus or minus 0.3mm. This kind of baler belt has uniform blanking and relatively uniform quality in production, so it will not be good or bad.

5. Baler Belt should be good toughness, PP baler belt repeatedly fold, toughness is not good easy to break. Pattern problem, pattern must be beautiful, do not appear pressure bias.

Production process of PP packing belt production line:

PP packing belt production line production process: plastic particles melting --- pressing belt --- forming --- cooling --- winding --- packaging --- warehousing. PP packing belt production line is a network structure packing material produced by heating, melting, stretching and cooling. The basic parameters affecting the quality of the packing belt production line are tensile force, length, bending, elongation, etc. The longer the length, the lower the cost.


The color problem of the belt of the baler, it's hard to say that the belt of the baler has different grades. Transparent packer belt is the best packer belt at present. The quality of baler belt completely depends on the purity of polypropylene. The higher the purity of polypropylene, the better the tension of baler belt.

Why is the price of PP packing belt different Published:2021-4-7 Clicks:546504

There are three obvious reasons:

The first is that the quality of the packing belt is not good.

The second is that the merchant may estimate less weight, increase the weight of the box, etc.

The third is that the production process is not scientific, so the relative production cost is also small, and the price will be relatively cheaper.


When purchasing PP packing belt, we should not only consider the price. As the saying goes, "one cent and one cent of goods", pay attention to:

1. Weighing weight: is the weight of each meter matched with the index declared by the manufacturer.

2. See embossing: generally better production equipment, embossing is more uniform and deeper.

3. Look at color: to be bright, darker for impurities more, such tape thermal ability is poor.

4. Look at packaging: generally good quality packaging belt is packed with kraft paper, ordinary packaging belt with woven bags or cartons.

PET packing belt Published:2021-3-17 Clicks:69817

PET packing belt: also known as plastic steel packing belt, referred to as plastic steel belt. It is a kind of product which gradually replaces the iron sheet packing belt, and pet is mainly composed of polyester resin. According to the color, it can be divided into black plastic steel belt and green plastic steel belt, and according to the production process, it can also be divided into embossed plastic steel belt and smooth plastic steel belt.


So what are the advantages of plastic steel packaging?

1、 High strength: PET plastic steel belt has extremely strong tensile property, close to the same specification of steel strip, and has the ductility of impact resistance, and can ensure the safety of the product.

2、 High toughness: PET packaging belt has plastic characteristics and special flexibility. During transportation, it can avoid the scattered objects caused by bumping and breaking of the packing belt, and ensure the safety of transportation.

3、 Flexibility: PET plastic steel belt does not have sharp edge of steel strip, and will not damage the packed object. When packing and opening the package, no harm will be caused to the operator and all unsafe factors shall be avoided.

4、 Adaptability: the melting point of PET plastic steel belt is generally between 255 ℃ and 260 ℃, which can keep invariance between - 110 ℃ and 120 ℃ for a long time, and has good dimensional stability. PET plastic steel belt can adapt to various climate changes due to its material and manufacturing process factors. It is resistant to high temperature and humidity. Unlike the steel strip is affected by moisture and rust, it pollutes the environment and loses tensile property, so the binding strength decreases.

5、 Beautiful and rust free: steel strip will rust due to the absorption of moisture in air due to exposure to air, while PET plastic steel belt will not.

Detailed introduction of packing belt Published:2021-3-12 Clicks:56647

The packing belt (strapping belt) for packaging is made of polyethylene and polypropylene resin as the main raw materials, nylon and polyester as the raw materials by extrusion and unidirectional drawing. The plastic packing belt has good elasticity recovery, high strength, good water resistance, strong chemical resistance and soft quality. It can be packed by hand or by machine. Easy to use, low cost, can be made into red, white, blue, yellow, green and other colors, according to the color package of different grades of goods, easy to distinguish the grade of goods, improve delivery efficiency. In addition to being used for packing corrugated boxes, it can also pack materials and fruits. Polyester and nylon strapping have good tensile strength, while polyethylene and polypropylene strapping have low cost and good resilience. Different strapping materials can be selected according to needs.  
1. According to the quality of PP material, it can be divided into core wrapping belt and solid wrapping belt;  
2. According to the product quality, it can be divided into transparent grade A, transparent grade B, transparent grade A, AB grade, B grade, BC grade and C grade;  
3. According to the machine used, it can be divided into manual packing belt and machine packing belt (also divided into automatic packing belt and semi-automatic packing belt);  
4. From the scope of use, it can be divided into packing belt (packing belt) and handicraft packing belt;  
5. There are also sub printing packing belt and non printing packing belt and so on.

Operation methods and common problems of winding film Published:2021-1-11 Clicks:68008

Operation method: now the application of winding film has been very wide, but many people to the whole process of application there are so many problems, if you can not immediately avoid, not only will harm the actual effect of packaging, but also continue to lead to winding film consumption problem. Below there is Meng Mao Xiao Yueyue for everyone to introduce in detail how to reasonable application of winding film.

Hand PE winding film: need to start from the bottom of the beginning, a circle a little bit up, wrapped to the top of the case, must be all the top wrapped, that is OK, but to pay attention to the whole process of wrapping must be key, otherwise in the whole process of transportation is to be scattered.

Mobile winding: automatic winding method: make the stretching and winding film winding machine in the initial state, put the goods, wear the plastic film, select the left and right turns, left and right frequency, crossing the top time, press the automatic start button, the whole process is automatic.

Common problems: 1. In the whole process of application, wear rubber gloves as far as possible to maintain the hand, so as to prevent the rotation of the paper tube from immediately rubbing with the hand.

2. In the case of the application of PE stretching and winding film on the parallel surface, a short stick can be inserted into the paper tube of PE stretching and winding film and rotated with the short stick.

3. In the whole process of application, most of the applications are vertical and must be pulled. We can rotate the paper tube position on the palm of the lower hand. In the case of Rashin you can hold it inside your palm and that will reduce the likelihood of cutting your hand

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