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SJ65-EIIPP double packaged with machine unit

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Release date: 2021-01-22 15:19:55



first,Extruder: drive with variable speed, smooth operation TEACHERS speed to ensure stability of the strip pp.

Second, Screw: use 38crmoal finishing nitriding treatment, wear resistance, the use of bm-type structure, plastics better yield advantages.

Third,Die: Product Size adjustment hindered amount of cash can debug design ensures pp with blanks required size.

Fourth,Tank:Made of stainless steel, water use can debug design; automatic water supply cooling water temperature control.

Fifth,pp blank traction:Stick with three wheels frequency control, an effective solution to the pp blank plate flatness.

Sixth,Oven:Hot air circulation heating, the heating temperature; avoid direct heating hot pp with printed surface damage caused by aging.

Seventh,Stretch:Stretch-free damper technology to effectively improve the tensile strength and elongation ratio pp belt. With five rounds of traction stretching frequency control stick to make pp with more vertical flat plate.

Eighth,Corona:Pp with a smooth surface because the ink is not easy to adhere, pp require corona treatment to improve the adhesion of the tape surface humor. After corona treatment printing inks, legible, easy to fall off the ink.

Ninth,Oil drying ink tank:After printing inks, by oven-drying ink fast, it will not cause the ink stick to the embossing wheel, ensure that the font hair clarity.

Tenth,Embossing turbine:Embossing materials used 38crmoal, finishing nitriding treatment, long service life, not easy to be corroded; Aaron emission structure turbo design, high running accuracy, a clear pattern, low noise, easy operation.

Eleventh,Annealing oven:Medium-temperature heating, annealing effectively with stress surface except pp, pp provided with vertical degrees.

Twelfth,Possession of devices with:In the production process due to shrinking machine downtime to replace the paper core, the excess is stored in reservoirs with pp band box, to avoid confusion with knotted pp, pp band sound quality.

Thirteenth,Winder:Unique dual-function digital automatic winding process design, tension torque motor, tension running smoothly, effectively improve the verticality pp tape; electrical control with PLC programming, touch screen control, with automatic counting meter alarm, transposition, cut belt function, make the operation more quickly and easily, saving labor costs.

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