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PE hand with stretch stretch film

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Release date: 2021-01-22 14:40:02


Wrap film break up stretch film machine and stretch film

General hand with thickness of 0.02 mm, the thickness of the machine with 0.025 mm, width is 500 mm.

Mainly imported linear polyethylene LLDPE raw materials as the main raw material to produce a film, the product transparency high, high elongation, puncture resistance is strong, suitable for pallet package inside the factory and scattered, semi-finished goods package. The film winding around the goods, make the packing more closely, can prevent the goods collapsed, dust, moisture, etc., protect the goods, at the same time make the turnover is more flexible and convenient.

Packaging film, packaging film, PE stretch film use and general properties:

1.Unitized: this is one of the biggest features wrap film packaging. With super thin film winding force and retracted, the product is compact, fixed lashed into one unit, the scattered small as a whole, even in adverse environment products, also do not have any loose and separation degree and no sharp edges and viscous, lest cause damage.

2.The primary protective: the primary protective for the surface protection of product, the product form around a very light, protective appearance, so as to achieve dust, oil, moisture-proof, waterproof, anti-theft purposes. Wrap film packaging is especially important that the packaging items uniform stress, avoid uneven cause damage to goods, this is a traditional way of packing (bundling, packaging, adhesive tape and other packaging) cannot.

3.Compressed fixation: with wrap film retraction after tensile force will wrap packaging products, forming a compact unit, does not occupy a space, make the product each pallet tightly wrapped together, can effectively prevent the transport products in the process of mutual dislocation and mobile, stretch wrap film can be adjusted at the same time the tensile force can make the hard products close to make soft tightening products, especially in the tobacco industry and textile industry has a unique packaging effect.

Sell the wrap film for the new material, and no back to the materia.

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