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PVC-4530 luxury energy-saving shrink packaging machine

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Release date: 2021-01-22 13:57:36


1. the device overall dimensions: length 1600mm × width 700mm × height 1300mm.

2. oven effective working size length 1000mm × width 450mm × height 300mm.

3. using far infrared quartz heating tube length 1000mm power 1000W, Number 12.

4. the drive uses a 120W AC variable speed motor, gear ratio 1:20.

5. fan with a 60W AC motors, fan use consistent wheel.

6. the chain conveyor with four points, with a diameter of 8mm galvanized strip club garden steel outer silicone tube, spacing 2.5cm.

7. liner made of stainless iron thick 0.5mm, insulation using double-silicate fiber cotton.

8. temperature control with dual automatic temperature control.

9. for shrink film material: PVC


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