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PE-2000-type resistance LAC capping automatic film wrapping packaging machine

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Release date: 2021-01-22 13:45:54


2000 LAC barrier capping automatic winding machine

Power supply voltage: 220V / 50HZ

Motor power: 1000W

Wheel diameter: 1500mm

Column height: 2000mm

Turntable speed (r / min): 0 ~ 9 adjustable

Max packing height: 1600 mm

The maximum package weight: 1500 KG or less

Wrapping film material specifications: LLDPE film, width 500mm, thickness 15 ~ 25um

Electrical configuration: MEIWA 'LCD controller, the English platform, Schneider inverter 2, the day Germany contactors, switches and limit switch, "the city and the purple" Motor 2, "FOTEK" detection element and so on, reliable performance, easy to operate, can be designed to wound type and times.

Pressure top device: mechanical resistance pull film means stretching adjustable rate

Packing size: L2700 * W1640 * 750mm

Weight: 700kg

Gross Weight: 800kg

If they do not bring capping machine weight minus 50kg

Can be customized according to customer requirements, the use of aircraft to improve production efficiency, to prevent damage to the goods during handling, and to prevent dust, moisture and cleaning effect. (Resistive pull type, lifting, rotation can be frequency control, the whole process is done automatically).

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