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Why can pet plastic packing belt replace traditional packing belt

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Polyester plastic steel belt has high strength and strong tensile property. It has the same tensile property as the plastic steel belt of the same specification. It has impact toughness during storage or transportation, which can ensure product safety. Polyester tape has three advantages: high strength, high toughness and high efficiency. As a new type of environmental protection packaging belt, pet plastic packaging belt has replaced the traditional steel belt in many industries. So why can pet plastic packing belt replace traditional packing belt?

PET plastic packing belt

1. Most of the traditional packing belts are made of metal, which is easy to rust, and the service life is very short. Pet packing belt overcomes this defect to a certain extent, and has good corrosion resistance, which can protect the products that need to be packed.

2. Pet packing belt has strong temperature resistance and flexibility, which will play a good role in fixing the product, so as to avoid the threat of various situations to the product.

3. Of course, we also need to know that pet packing belt will not pose a threat to people's safety like iron packing belt, which is very important. The safety factor of PET plastic packaging belt is much higher than that of steel belt, and it is light in weight and convenient in packaging operation.

The flexibility of PET plastic packing belt is very good, which can prevent the breakage of packing belt caused by long-distance transportation and ensure the safety of transportation process. It has strong impact resistance and ductility, which can ensure the safety of goods to a great extent. Want to know more about pet plastic packing belt, you can pay more attention to us!

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