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Regular maintenance of packing machine

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The maintenance and lubrication of the packing machine should be carried out regularly. First, keep the packer dry. It should not be wet or put water on it.

Regular maintenance of the packer:

1. Remove the scraps or dirt from the packer once a week

2. Once a month, clean and lubricate the upper sliding plate mentioned in the previous section, the middle knife and the front top knife.

3. Add some lubricating oil to all (shaft, center) and bearing after the above two maintenance are done every three months.

4. Replenish the oil in the gearbox every two years.

5. It is necessary to note that several parts cannot be refuelled: a. the belt roller is sent and withdrawn. b. All belts. c. Slip and surrounding.

6. Do not add too much oil every time to avoid the micro switch failure due to oil immersion.

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