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PET packing belt

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PET packing belt: also known as plastic steel packing belt, referred to as plastic steel belt. It is a kind of product which gradually replaces the iron sheet packing belt, and pet is mainly composed of polyester resin. According to the color, it can be divided into black plastic steel belt and green plastic steel belt, and according to the production process, it can also be divided into embossed plastic steel belt and smooth plastic steel belt.


So what are the advantages of plastic steel packaging?

1、 High strength: PET plastic steel belt has extremely strong tensile property, close to the same specification of steel strip, and has the ductility of impact resistance, and can ensure the safety of the product.

2、 High toughness: PET packaging belt has plastic characteristics and special flexibility. During transportation, it can avoid the scattered objects caused by bumping and breaking of the packing belt, and ensure the safety of transportation.

3、 Flexibility: PET plastic steel belt does not have sharp edge of steel strip, and will not damage the packed object. When packing and opening the package, no harm will be caused to the operator and all unsafe factors shall be avoided.

4、 Adaptability: the melting point of PET plastic steel belt is generally between 255 ℃ and 260 ℃, which can keep invariance between - 110 ℃ and 120 ℃ for a long time, and has good dimensional stability. PET plastic steel belt can adapt to various climate changes due to its material and manufacturing process factors. It is resistant to high temperature and humidity. Unlike the steel strip is affected by moisture and rust, it pollutes the environment and loses tensile property, so the binding strength decreases.

5、 Beautiful and rust free: steel strip will rust due to the absorption of moisture in air due to exposure to air, while PET plastic steel belt will not.

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