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The packing belt can be divided into eight main categories

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The packing belt can be divided into eight main categories
1, from the production of PP material can be divided into core and solid core belt;
2, from the product quality can be divided into transparent A-level, transparent B-class, A-class, AB level, B level, BC level and C level;
3, from the use of the baler can be divided into hand-packaged belt, machine with packing belt (machine with a packaged belt is divided into automatic machine and semi-automatic machine with play);
4, from the use of the packaging can be divided into packing belt and crafts with;
5, from whether the printing can be divided into printing and non-printing band;
6, from the ability to bear the main point of the PP belt, plastic packing belt (also known as PET packing belt) and metal packing belt;
7, from the production of packaging materials with the source can be divided into a new material packaging and packaging materials with recycled materials;
8, from the color point of view there are white packing belt, gray packing belt and color packing belt.
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