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Operation methods and common problems of winding film

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Operation method: now the application of winding film has been very wide, but many people to the whole process of application there are so many problems, if you can not immediately avoid, not only will harm the actual effect of packaging, but also continue to lead to winding film consumption problem. Below there is Meng Mao Xiao Yueyue for everyone to introduce in detail how to reasonable application of winding film.

Hand PE winding film: need to start from the bottom of the beginning, a circle a little bit up, wrapped to the top of the case, must be all the top wrapped, that is OK, but to pay attention to the whole process of wrapping must be key, otherwise in the whole process of transportation is to be scattered.

Mobile winding: automatic winding method: make the stretching and winding film winding machine in the initial state, put the goods, wear the plastic film, select the left and right turns, left and right frequency, crossing the top time, press the automatic start button, the whole process is automatic.

Common problems: 1. In the whole process of application, wear rubber gloves as far as possible to maintain the hand, so as to prevent the rotation of the paper tube from immediately rubbing with the hand.

2. In the case of the application of PE stretching and winding film on the parallel surface, a short stick can be inserted into the paper tube of PE stretching and winding film and rotated with the short stick.

3. In the whole process of application, most of the applications are vertical and must be pulled. We can rotate the paper tube position on the palm of the lower hand. In the case of Rashin you can hold it inside your palm and that will reduce the likelihood of cutting your hand

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